Case Examples

No matter what your circumstances are, We have a solution. 

Over the last 15 years, Abacus Life has helped return over $2 billion in life insurance equity back to our clients. The case examples below are from real Abacus Life clients.

Brenda, Age 78, $500,000 Universal Life Policy 

Brenda originally took out her policy to help support her children’s expenses should the worst ever happen. Her kids have grown into self-sufficient adults since then, and no longer need her support in case of financial hardship. The policy has started to seem more and more like dead weight and her premium payments are slowly chipping away at her retirement fund. 

Since she is 78, Brenda qualifies for a Traditional Life Settlement. She can trade her policy (and her premiums) for immediate cash or income for life. 

In Brenda’s case example, Abacus Life Services would refer her directly to a provider who would likely provide a Life Settlement quote no more than 24 hours after initially contacting us. 

Jennifer, Age 34, $250,000 Universal Life Policy 

When Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer she knew that she would have to make some very difficult financial decisions. She resolved early on that she didn’t want her family burdened with medical bills. She found out about Life Settlements after confiding in a neighbor that had previously secured one. 

Jennifer’s health concerns qualify her for a range of Life Settlements, but the one best suited for her needs is a Hybrid Life Settlement. She is able to trade in her policy for a combination of cash now, and a retained death benefit. 

By taking advantage of a Hybrid Life Settlement, Jennifer can focus on healing. She doesn’t have to stress about paying her medical expenses, and her family will be taken care of financially if the worst happens. 

Steven, age 67, $1,000,000 Term Policy 

When Steven was diagnosed with ALS he immediately knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep paying premiums while paying for his treatment. However, it was important to Steven that his wife was left with enough money to support her retirement. 

While Steven does qualify for a Traditional or Hybrid Settlement, his primary concern is maintaining his policy. A Retained Death Benefit Settlement is a perfect fit for his financial and health circumstances. 

By utilizing a Retained Death Benefit settlement Steven would be able to hold onto a large portion of his death benefit, without paying any further premiums. Allowing him to focus on his medical bills and healing without worrying about his wife’s financial future. 

Pete, Age 75, $250,000 Universal Life Policy 

Pete and his wife Jeannine were reviewing their finances after several years of being retired, and they began to notice a worrying trend. They were spending money far too quickly to maintain their retirement. 

Pete’s age and circumstances make him a great applicant for an Income For Life Settlement. He is able to trade in his premiums, one of his largest expenses, for a permanent income source. 

Income For Life is perfect for Pete and Jeannine. They can focus on enjoying their Golden Years instead of stressing over their retirement fund. within a month of contacting Abacus, they have a new lease on life. 

To learn more about the Different Life Settlement Options, click here for our Life Settlement Guide.

*On average, an offer is generated 14-21 days after receiving an insured’s application. After an offer is accepted funds are typically available in a clients bank account within 21 days. These numbers are based on the most recent six months of cases closed by Abacus.
**The average percent of face value paid by Abacus for a policy is 23.3%. This number can fluctuate greatly based on an individual’s specific impairments and age.