ALS Association Florida Chapter

Financial Assistance Program


Abacus Life is the official Financial Assistance Sponsor for 2021. 

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If you would like to learn more about the life settlement option you can call us directly at 1-800-561-4148 or visit the Abacus Life Settlement Learning Center for a thorough guide about life settlements and what the process looks like.


  • Abacus can provide an immediate advance for cancer treatment if you qualify.
  • Life settlements are a well-regulated financial option.
  • There is no fee or obligation to find out how much your policy is worth.
  • Most types of policy types qualify, including term life.
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The ALS Association Florida Chapter

The ALS Association Florida Chapter offers comprehensive support and resources for persons diagnosed with ALS, their families and caregivers. Amongst these programs are the Care Assist GrantsActivities of Daily Living Grants, and Transportation Grants. Grants can help provide people living with ALS and their families the much-needed equipment and services to improve daily life.

Care Assist Grants

– Respite Care – Medical Expenses– Home Modifications– Vehicle Modifications– Van Purchase Assistance

Grant Quarters:

Applications are open and available on the 1st of each quarter cycle, and close three weeks after the opening date:

  • First Quarter: February – April (Applications available February 1st – February 22nd)
  • Second Quarter: May – July (Applications available May 1st – May 22nd)
  • Third Quarter: August – October (Applications available August 1st – August 22nd)
  • Fourth Quarter: November – January (Applications available November 1st – November 22nd)

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Grants

ADL needs are met with assistive technology that allows people living with ALS to complete general activities of daily living as independently as possible.
For detailed information on the expenses covered by our Care Assist Grants and ADL Grants, please review our Grant Guidelines. Payment is made directly to the vendor or service provider whenever possible; otherwise, the client is reimbursed up to the amount of the grant upon proof of payment. Clients can be approved for one $500 grant per quarter.  Approved monies must be expended within six (6) months of approval letter date. To maintain our ability to continue to fund the Care Assist Grant or ADL Grant, we require recipients to only submit receipts that fall within the acceptable date range stated in the approval letter. Receipts for dates that fall outside of the acceptable date range will not be reimbursed.

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