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• Streamlined contracting

• Superior offers

• Unsurpassed customer service

• No middlemen

• Purchases policies from$
50,000 to $50 million

• Provides $5 million E&O
for closed transactions





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We can provide potential options, price policies, and distribute funds faster than anyone— and without a commission or fee. Our goal is shared results and long-term relationships with our partners, and we build those relationships by being honest, consistent, and transparent at every point.
There are many factors to consider that may impact the performance and suitability of a life insurance policy. It’s important to periodically review your client’s life insurance and determine that both the product and the planning objectives are being met. Some of the more common reasons to conduct regular life insurance policy reviews include:

• Policy Funding Adequacy.

• Carrier Rating.

• Cost of Insurance Increases.

• Policy Maturity Risks.

• Replacement to Better Performing Policy.


At MKA our mission is to help people better understand their financial options. That means empowering you and your clients by providing the facts necessary to make the best decisions for their financial futures — and life insurance is an important part of that.
More importantly, there’s never a cost to you or your client. The FMV provides Advisors with an appraisal of your client’s life insurance when encountering situations like:

• Business valuations.
• Transferring a policy from one entity to another.
• Exiting from a Split Dollar arrangement.
• M&A or bankruptcy transactions.
• Business disputes that involve a buy/sell agreement.
• Our goal is shared results and long-term relationships with our partners, which means always treating your clients with respect and getting them maximum value.

Life Settlement Calculator

  • Per Conning, $200 Billion of Life Insurance on seniors lapse each year that could have been a life settlement.
  • Life Settlements provide seniors with on average 8X cash surrender value.
  • Life Insurance is a personal property asset and can be sold.
  • Life Settlements are a regulated viable financial option for seniors.