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“Anne was busy raising two children when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. With help from Immunity Therapy Center, she traded in her 90k policy and get 50% more than the face value. Beth was able to pay for her medical expenses so she can focus on healing with her family.”


Obligation-Free Options for Funding Medical Care

Get an advance on your life insurance option if you qualify.

Selling your policy is a safe, well-regulated financial opportunity.

There is no fee or obligation to find out how much your policy is worth.

Your valuation is completely confidential and your information is protected.

Get pricing on your life insurance policy in a little as 24 hours.

We have a wide range of policies that qualify, including term life.

Funding Cancer Treatment

With more than 4,000 people diagnosed with cancer each day, most are not prepared for the emotional or financial burden that it brings. At Immunity Therapy Center, we are often asked how to fund natural or integrative cancer treatment. Whether you are looking to pay for natural treatments not covered by insurance, are experiencing lost wages from taking time off work, or have spent all of your savings between doctors’ bills, travel expenses, and chemo, we have solutions.

Did you know you can sell a life insurance policy? Yes, you can! Selling your life insurance policy is a viable and legal option to fund cancer treatments, and it’s called a viatical settlement. In as little as three to seven days, you can sell your policy, putting much needed money into your bank account to use for whatever you want.

Living with a cancer diagnosis should not be the end of your life. The expenses of treatment can drain your finances, taking focus away from the things that truly matter to you, like:

  • Going on your dream vacation
  • Paying for your child’s college tuition
  • Donating to your favorite charity

Whatever is on your bucket list, a viatical settlement will give you money now – not after you die to be dispersed among beneficiaries.

Ultimately, a viatical settlement is a financial transaction between the seller (policyholder) and the buyer (licensed provider). When you work directly with the buyer, you can expedite the process while receiving the most value for your policy. You can work with a direct buyer or a use a intermediary company, but we recommend choosing a direct buyer.

Direct Buyers:

  • Expedited process (no middle men)
  • Receive more money for your policy (no commissions)
  • Licensed and insured

Intermediary Company (Marketing Offices, Brokers, Lead Gen Services):

  • Longer process
  • Pay up to 30% of settlement value in commissions
  • Personal information is sent to multiple companies
  • Proper licensing is NOT guaranteed

After researching the viatical landscape, Immunity Therapy Center recommends Abacus Life Settlements, a safe, state-licensed company that has been offering viaticals since 2004 and has not had a single regulatory issue.

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