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Life Insurance Is Personal Property

You’ve built equity in your life insurance policy and that policy is your property, not the insurance company’s, and you have the power to decide how the policy should be used for you and your family. Deciding to choose the life settlement option is a legitimate and reliable choice to create financial options for your future.

At Abacus Life, we empower you with the information you need to decide if selling your policy, or a portion of it, is right for you. We will walk you through the entire process, showing you the numbers and the numbers behind the numbers — all policy valuations, underwriting, cost and returns — so you understand your options and can make an informed decision for your family’s financial future.

The Abacus Advantage

Quotes in 24 Hours

24 Hour Quotes

See what your policy is worth within 24 business hours.

Transparent Information Magnifying Glass

Transparency in Numbers

We show you the numbers and the math behind the numbers.


Privacy in Information

Abacus Life is a direct buyer, not a marketing agency. Feel secure knowing your personal information is not being shared with outside companies.

Cutting out the middle man

No Middle Man

We cut out the middle man so you get the best offer for your policy.


Valuation Tools

Price one, Price many. Online tools make seeing your policy’s value easier than ever.

Life Options vs. Life Settlements

If you have started looking into pursuing a life settlement for your life insurance policy, you are probably asking yourself what the difference between Abacus Life and a life settlement company is, in a word…Options.

At Abacus, we understand that you, like many other people, may have a life insurance policy that no longer meets its goals. We are dedicated to helping you learn the facts about your life insurance options so you can make an informed decision and get the most out of your policy. We are committed to serving you with the confidentiality, transparency, and urgency you deserve. Whether you are interested in a traditional life settlement, a retained benefit option, or a hybrid between the two, Abacus Life can help you identify the right life insurance option for your circumstances.

We don’t want our clients to “settle,” we want to help them find real value in their personal property.

A Life Settlement Story: Meet Eddie

At age 83 Eddie decided his life insurance policy no longer met his goals for his estate plan and considered surrendering it entirely. He began exploring the possibility of a life settlement after hearing about Abacus from a friend. Because of his advanced age and medical history, Abacus was able to offer him almost double the cash surrender value of his $2,485,065 policy with a final settlement value of $1,200,000. This money went directly into Eddie’s accounts and he is now able to use these funds to finance all of his retirement needs.

The Learning Center

What is my policy worth?

The value of your policy is based on three factors: Age, Policy Type & Policy Value. Use our quick Valuation Calculator to see your policy’s value in minutes.

Should I sell my life insurance policy?

There are many reasons why an individual chooses to sell their life insurance policy. Some of the common reasons are expensive premiums, to help fund retirement or to pay for unforeseen medical costs. Selling your policy has never been easier than with Abacus Life.


What is life settlement?


Life insurance settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy by an insured individual for an amount that is more than the surrender value of a policy but less than the death benefit.

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Licensed States

Abacus Life is approved to conduct life settlement business in the 44 green states.

*On Average, An Offer Is Generated 14-21 Days After Receiving An Insured’s Application. After An Offer Is Accepted Funds Are Typically Available In A Clients Bank Account Within 21 Days. These Numbers Are Based On The Most Recent Six Months Of Cases Closed By Abacus. **The Average Percent Of Face Value Paid By Abacus For A Policy Is 23.3%. This Number Can Fluctuate Greatly Based On An Individual’s Specific Impairments And Age.