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Abacus Policy Insights: Portfolio Evaluation Tool

Abacus is proud to announce the next product in a long line of innovative product offerings built around making the secondary market more accessible for agents; the Abacus Policy Insights (API) tool. At a pricing rate of approximately 8390 policies per minute, an entire book of business can be valued in a matter of minutes. In fact, API doesn’t have an capacity limit when it comes to providing lightning-fast pricing.

“Life Settlement Calculators” are typically based on a flat percentage-based average across a broad data set which often produces wildly inaccurate results. Abacus utilizes a constantly growing database of tens of thousands of unique policies, paired with active learning, to create the most intelligent calculator in the secondary market. When you are provided pricing for a 78-year-old female client with a $7,000,000 GUL, it is based on actual historical life settlement pricing – not a percentage guess.

Example Portfolio

  • 3100 Individual Policies
  • $202 Million in Secondary Market Value
  • 20 Million Potential Commissions
  • $1.3 Billion in Face Value
  • Full Valuation Completed in 90 Minutes
Abacus Policy Insights Excel Book Outlet

Turnkey Solutions

Abacus Policy Insights is MORE than just a bulk pricing tool. We offer full back-office marketing support including co-branded materials, assistance with client outreach, white-label letters populated with your clients’ information and full email campaigns. At Abacus Life, our goal is to go a step beyond the competition, providing you with all the tools required for success.


• Same-Day Pricing on Life Insurance Books of Any Size
• Intelligent Calculations Based on Real Pricing
• Full Marketing Support
• Downline Protection
• Dedicated Back Office Team