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    “The innovation and growth we continue to bring to the space is credited first and foremost to all of our partners” – Jay Jackson, CEO on Abacus’ annual growth trends For the past 5 years, Abacus has been consistently ranked as the top buyer in almost every reported category. According to a new report from a settlement industry news outlet, The Deal, Abacus Life Settlements is one of the fastest growing major life settlement buyers
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    Publish Date June 2020 Jay Jackson, CEO of Abacus Life, and Dennis Martin, President of Individual Life and Financial Services, OneAmerica, answer questions about financial security during an unstable economic climate and what people can do to protect themselves. This content was featured in A Guide to Financial Planning and Senior Care. Click the image above to enter full-screen mode or read the transcript below. Question: How can people in this financial climate make the most
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    Life Settlements are Quickly Becoming a Mainstream Financial Option Americans are living longer than ever before. This is great news for those who can afford it, but bad news if you’re a baby boomer facing mounting debt and dwindling savings. The Stanford Center for Longevity reports that baby boomers hold less wealth, carry more debt and will face greater expenses than retirees a decade older than them. And considering that there are more than 71.5 million baby boomers living in the
  • Shane McGonnell – Vice President at Abacus Life Settlements, LLC Written for Insurance News Net How is COVID Affecting the Life Settlement Market? There are differing schools of thought on how the coronavirus is affecting — and could affect — the life settlement market. Over the past five years, the life settlement market as an industry has multiplied vastly both in funds to purchase policies and consumer awareness. In fact, a 2019 report from The
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    What is HR 5958? Earlier this year, a piece of legislation was introduced that allows the use of tax-free health planning accounts funded by the proceeds from the sale of their unneeded life insurance policies. Known as the Senior Health Planning Account Act (H.R. 5958), the bill has the potential to help millions of American seniors fund their health care needs, especially that of long-term care, which can be prohibitively expensive. Essentially, if the legislation
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    The Ultimate End-of-Year Task List for Financial Planners As 2019 winds down, it’s time to start looking ahead to what’s in store for you and your clients in 2020. By organizing your needs and remaining to-dos you’ll be in the best position to guide your clients to financial success in the new year. Reviewing Items on Your Plate: You can probably think of at least five things you would like to see more of your
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    Funding Long Term Care for Your Parents Financial milestones don’t stop at having children, getting married, or retiring. For many, planning for long-term care for your parents is a financial consideration. According to a study conducted by Genworth, the national average cost of an assisted living facility in 2019 is 48,612. Up from just $28,800 in 2004. Private room nursing home costs have reached an outstanding $102,200 compared to only $65,185 in 2004. The national
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    A Market Takes Off Conning has recently released its aptly titled fourteenth annual life settlement report, “A Market Takes Off”. Conning explores the expansion of the life settlement industry relative to carrier performance, cost-of-insurance drivers, a surge in retiring baby boomers, and growing interest from investors. According to Conning, the life settlement market could see double-digit expansion over the next ten years. Conning forecasts the life settlement market to reach $212 billion in cumulative life