Options for Your Life Insurance


This is the most common life insurance option and what is typically thought of as a life settlement.

In this option, you sell your life insurance policy to a buyer for a cash amount above your policy’s surrender value.

You have no further obligations or claims to the policy, with all future premiums paid by the buyer.

The seller received all possible benefits from the policy and they will receive nothing at the time of the insured’s death.

Case Example


Age 82


$500,000 Universal Life Policy

$275,000 Abacus Offer

Robert called us with a binder full of research on his policy options. He had his questions prepared and very clear goals on what he wanted to accomplish financially with his policy. Before we even started speaking about Abacus potentially purchasing his policy we went over everything from surrendering his policy to alternative funding options.

“I was deeply in debt and my life insurance payments were becoming a financial burden. I read about viatical settlements and did my research. I checked with numerous companies about a multitude of different ways of selling my life insurance plan. Abacus Life was by far the best deal for me. Not only were they able to come in several weeks after the process started with other companies and still generate an offer faster than anyone else, they even advanced a part of my settlement.”

Robert and his wife took a dream national park trip with their advance and were able to purchase a cabin and catch up on all of their debts and medical bills with their funds.

Abacus offered Robert $275,000 in cash.

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