Life Settlements Calculator

At Abacus, we give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your life insurance policy. Try the Abacus Life Settlements calculator to find out your potential living benefit, instantly! Get one step closer to learning the value of your policy today!


Start by comparing your health to the health of others your age.

  • Standard – My health is average compared to others my age 
  • Slightly Impaired – I have had very few health issues compared to others my age 
  • Moderately Impaired – I have chronic, but manageable, health conditions that require ongoing treatment and carebut they do not have a significant impact on my quality of life relative to my peers 
  • Highly Impaired – I have chronic medical conditions that frequently impact my quality of life 
  • Extremely Impaired – I have major or severe medical conditions that constantly affect my quality of life 
  • Terminal – I have irreversible medical conditions that will significantly reduce life expectancy, such as late-stage cancer 

Abacus Life is a proud member of the LISA and strictly adheres to HIPAA and privacy laws to maintain and protect the confidentiality of financial, health, and medical information. Abacus Life is also proud to be a BBB Accredited Business.



Your policy will be reviewed to determine if it is eligible to be sold and qualify for a life settlement. The factors that are considered are age, policy type and policy valueWe use these factors to determine what your policy is worth, to accurately put together an offer. 


An offer will be compiled within 24 business hours. After this, a life settlement specialist will reach out to you with the details of the offer, explaining the calculations made and the factors put into consideration for the decision processWe provide full transparency to our clients, providing you with all the calculations involved in formulating your offer, so that you can make the best decision for your financial future. 


If you choose to accept an offer from Abacus Life, your life settlement specialist will then work with you to begin the contract process that is required to sell your policy. You will work with one specialist throughout the entire sales process, from start to finish. We do this to provide the most streamlined process possible.