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Options for Funding Cancer Treatment

Money When You Need It

Severe medical conditions like cancer can put a tremendous burden on your family’s financial health. The primary reason why you invested in a life insurance policy was to help your family if you happened to pass away. Fortunately, it is likely that now your children are grown and out of the house, but you are in need of financial assistance. This is where a Abacus comes into play. By choosing to sell your current life insurance policy, you can get the cash you need to alleviate these financial burdens, caused by cancer treatments. These times are already hard enough; don’t let finances aid your struggles. Abacus Life can help you.

Secure a life settlement as quickly as 7 days after initially contacting Abacus. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the industry standard of 45-60 days for life-saving treatment. A life settlement allows you to focus on what is most important right now…healing. We care deeply for our clients and want them to heal without any inner worry. We want to help you succeed.

If you would like to learn more about the life settlement option, you can call us directly at 1-800-561-4148 or visit the Abacus Life Learning Center for a thorough guide about what a life settlement is, and what the process looks like. We have perfected this process, so it can be as painless as possible for you, especially during these times. We are here for you.

When Should I Consider a Life Settlement?

  • Abacus can provide an immediate advance for cancer treatment if you qualify.
  • Life settlements are a well-regulated financial option.
  • There is no fee or obligation to find out how much your policy is worth.
  • Most policy types qualify, including term life.
  • Your life insurance settlement quote is completely confidential and your information is protected.
  • We are a direct buyer, so there are no intermediaries or life settlement commissions.

Let's Break It Down

As unfortunate as it is, both men and women have a 1 in 3 chance of getting cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. When you factor in the costs of medication, treatments, doctors visits, and surgeries, it can get really expensive. Health insurance costs are on the rise, which inevitably means medical costs are rising as well. It is important to be prepared. Those facing late-stage cancer might be at the end of their financial rope, and could likely use some additional financial aid to get them through. Selling your life insurance policy would bring you into some major cash. Your policy is money that belongs to you, therefore, it could be time to finally use it for your healing and recovering. Abacus Life can help you along the way.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently found that Americans spend $157 billion (about $480 per person in the US) annually on cancer treatments.

The American Cancer Society states that 13.5 million Americans have some form of cancer.

That brings the average cost of treatment to nearly $12,000 annually for each American suffering from cancer.

That figure can easily balloon even higher based on several factors; including the severity of cancer, how proactively it is treated, the method of treatment, and if your treatment of choice is covered by traditional health insurance. The unknown can be scary, but the proper financial preparation can save you.

These unfortunate times require a solid foundation of support from family and friends, and financially. We can help you. 

Requiring some form of financial support is nearly a foregone conclusion, even with medical insurance coverage. 

The goal for anyone suffering from cancer is, ultimately, to fight it and heal. We want you healthy and happy. With that being said, we have compiled a list of credible financial sources that can set you up to recover, without any financial stress. We here at Abacus Life want you well-taken care of from all directions. 


Lovely senior woman sitting on bench outdoors

Beth was busy raising two children when...

she was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She was happily being a loving grandmother to her 3 grandchildren and enjoying time with her husband. She was faced with this sudden news and did not know how to proceed. She sought out various avenues for financial help, but no options were enough to cover the cost of bills and treatments.

She was advised by a fellow church member to seek help with Abacus Life and obtain a settlement. With help from Abacus, she traded in her 90k policy and got 50% more than the face value.

Beth was able to pay for her medical expenses so she could focus on her healing and spending time with her family and friends.


We are a direct buyer, which ensures that no additional fees are taken out of your life settlement. We want to make sure you get every penny that you are entitled to. 

We have the fastest turnaround in the industry. We were voted #1 for fast sales, providing instant quotes. Our unique Life Settlement Calculator sets us apart from the industry standard, offering quick, first-class service to all of our clients.

When coping with a life-threatening illness, waiting months to finalize selling your insurance policy can bring an unnecessary burden to you and your family. 

Abacus Life is proud to be one of the oldest and most well-respected providers in the industry. We have worked with all types and levels of financial situations, and provide the perfect solution to each one.

Based on the 2020 rankings released by The Deal, Abacus Life ranked #1 for the amount of money given to clients to pay for their medical expenses. You can view the full report here. We pride ourselves in putting our clients first, ensuring they get the biggest life insurance payout possible. 

Settle for the best. Settle with Abacus Life.

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