Choose the Company that Pays Over 10% More Than Their Leading Competitor | Choose Abacus Life


The primary life settlement industry publication, The Deal, compiles statistics through public-records requests from state insurance departments by all licensed providers who are required to report their annual numbers.

For 2022, while the life settlement industry was down 9% overall, Abacus grew 10%. Further, while Abacus was the second largest buyer of life settlement policies in 2022, it paid over 19% of policy face value to sellers on average, and over 10% higher than its closest competitor.

“The Abacus team remains squarely focused on building on its strong foundation to provide an extremely valuable financial service and tool for our clients,” said Jay Jackson, CEO of Abacus Life. “Thanks to our efforts, we were able to place $151 million directly into our clients’ hands, which is an incredible value-add for our clients considering the challenging economic environment.”