Choose the Company that Pays 30% More Than Their Closest Competitors.

Choose Abacus Life.

There is always a lot of talk from several life settlement companies about the number of years they’ve been in the business or the number of buyers they have. The main number that matters to policy owners and their advisors is the number that a licensed institutional buyer is willing to pay for their life insurance policy.

Abacus Life Settlements tops the payout charts once again.

The primary life settlement industry publication, The Deal, compiles statistics through public-records requests from state insurance departments by all licensed providers who are required to report their annual numbers.

These government statistics report that Abacus paid an average of 22.5% per dollar of policy face value, or $225,000 per million dollars. This represents 30% more than the other top providers who only paid an average of 15.8% of policy face value, or $158,000 per million. That is $67,000 more per million!


For 3 years in a row, Abacus has exceeded the other major providers in the amounts paid to policy sellers. The challenged economic backdrop prompted by the 2020 pandemic did not stop Abacus from increasing their market share by almost 15%. This year-over-year growth and leading payout records proves that Abacus Life puts the priorities of the consumer first by paying the most.

Simply put, agents and seniors get more when they work with Abacus Life.

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