Run Average Pricing On Your Case

Abacus is extremely well capitalized and uniquely interested in building long-term relationships with partners. We’re here to walk you and your clients through the numbers and the numbers behind the numbers.

What sets Abacus apart?

Market Leader

In 2018, we led the entire industry in overall settlement value with $132 million paid to clients and purchased more than $600 million in policy face values, priced more than 3,000 policies, and saw a 77 percent increase in policies purchased over the prior year.

Back Office Support

We offer a full turn-key solution to agents and brokers, including medical records retrieval, illustration requests, and licensing support.

Simplified Underwriting and 24 Hour Processing

By utilizing proprietary underwriting techniques, we are able to qualify your client in-house in less than 24 hours if we are supplied with an in-force illustration and brief medical description.

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