What is Alternative Cancer Care?

Alternative and natural cancer therapies may be used on their own or in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy. These methods of treatment involve performing non-invasive procedures designed to weaken cancerous cells while strengthening your immune system.

There is a multitude of various methods to consider when seeking an alternative plan. Some common methods include Vitamin C IV’s, medical marijuana, and Ozone Therapy. These, along with numerous other treatments, have been shown to provide positive health benefits.

Benefits of Alternative Therapies

It is important to consider that no results are guaranteed when deciding upon a cancer treatment plan. However, some of the potential benefits can include:

  • A whole-body wellness approach encourages connectivity between the mind and body in an effort to reduce stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that long-term stress decreases the immune system’s strength and reduces the body’s ability to fight cancer. Mind-body medicine can help you relax and manage your condition better.
  • Adding an alternative cancer therapy method can help reduce the pain associated with conventional treatment. Medical marijuana is an alternative method that has been growing in use as it has been found to reduce pain, as well as slow tumor growth.
  • Holistic therapy promotes a balanced diet before, during, and after treatment which strengthens the immune system and improves the body’s ability to fight cancerous cells. The Ketogenic Diet is a common dietary plan used to combat cancer and is defined as the “optimal diet for human beings.”
  • Our bodies are already exposed to many harmful chemicals, just in our daily lives. When pursuing alternative cancer therapy as a primary treatment method, patients can circumvent the toxic and painful chemicals used in conventional cancer treatments.

Clinical Partners

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