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ALS Patients Share Personal Data to Promote Research and Find a Cure

Answer ALS is building the most comprehensive collection of clinical, genetic, behavioral, molecular and biochemical data on people living with ALS ever created. With assistance from artificial intelligence and machine learning, researchers will utilize data from patients to develop new treatments in hopes of finding a cure. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease that slowly attacks nerve cells responsible for controlling muscles in every part of the body. The fatal disease usually has a life expectancy of 3-10 years, slowly depriving patients of the ability to talk, move, and breathe in the final stages.

Assistance from Microsoft

Microsoft has invested $1 million in cloud-computing to assist Answer ALS in their data research efforts. Learn more about the founders and non-profit developments here. Microsoft is working teams from Johns Hopkins University and MIT to make the data accessible via the Microsoft Azure cloud, which will safely allow the valuable data to be transferred across geographical barriers.

Latest Updates

As of April 2019, the data portal has been launched and the first set of data is available upon request. Only 1% of the data is uploaded currently, but more is being added and many researchers have already implemented the data in their own programs. Read the newsletter here!

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