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Life Settlement

A Life Settlement is a well regulated and viable option for senior Americans. Abacus has purchased over $5 billion in life insurance policies since 2004, with offers averaging 6 times the surrender value of a standard policy.


of Americans are aware that their policy has a market value


BILLION is forfeited back to life insurance companies each year in the U.S.


of seniors state they would have considered a life insurance settlement option if they knew it existed


MILLION Americans will be of retirement age by 2020 while only a small portion are financially secure

Is a Life Settlement Right For Me?


Below you will find some of the most often asked questions and a quick primer on what a life settlement is. However, we have also built an In-Depth Life Settlement Guide for those that want to deep dive into research on the industry. We are also always happy to answer your questions at 800-561-4148.

Who Is Abacus Life?


Abacus Life Settlements is a nationally licensed provider and direct buyer of life insurance policies. We have been active in the life settlement and viatical settlement space since 2004, and our founding partners have worked in the space since the mid-90s. We are an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company and we take the faith our clients place in us very seriously, which is reflected in extremely positive feedback from financial professionals and clients on every major platform.

Our goal at Abacus Settlements is to empower you with the OPTIONS and KNOWLEDGE necessary to make the best financial decision for your future. That means being more than a life insurance purchaser, Abacus Life Settlements is also an industry-leading source of knowledge for the life settlement space. Selling a life insurance policy can be a complicated decision, for many individuals the only larger asset they own is their home. We believe that just like selling any other piece of personal property, selling your life insurance policy should be well regulated and the process shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery.



Over the past decade, the market has become incredibly well regulated. The entire life settlement market is regulated on a state-by-state basis instead of nationally. Therefore, the responsibility falls on each state’s government to make sure that companies are behaving ethically. The majority of states do require specific licensing and practice strict oversight to ensure customer safety. Here at Abacus, we are proud to share that we are licensed for life and viatical settlements in many different states.

Whoever you choose to work with, you should make sure they follow the correct guidelines; there are still some companies in the industry who do not operate under the appropriate licensure.

It is easy to find out how much your policy is worth! In as little as 24 business hours we can provide you with a policy valuation, and it’s as simple as filling out our online calculator by clicking here. We don’t believe that you should have to wait the industry standard 45-60 days for life-saving treatment.

Some reasons are:

  • The policy’s premiums are too expensive
  • The policyholder no longer has beneficiaries that rely on their financial support
  • The insured no longer feels that life insurance is necessary
  • The policyholder needs or wants supplemental income for retirement
  • The policy is reaching the end of it’s term
  • The insured requires funds to pay medical bills or long term care expenses

Selling your life insurance policy allows you to focus on what is most important to you, financial well-being.

The Results

“Fantastic people to work with. Every aspect of the case was executed professionally and the insured’s policy was strongly valued.” – David Sluss, CLU, ChFC

Life Settlements Explained

In 1911, Life Insurance was deemed personal property by the United States Supreme Court. This means that, just like your house or car, you have the legal right to sell your life insurance policy. While you can choose to surrender your policy back to your life insurance company, you will only receive a portion of what your policy is worth, leaving cash on the table.

On Average, Abacus Life pays out 6-8x more than the cash surrender value of a life insurance policy, putting more money in your pocket.

Get the most cash for your life!