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5 Affordable & Unforgettable Senior Holidays

If you’re looking into a life settlement, you certainly want to be careful with any of the funds you wind up receiving. However, you might also gain the flexibility to have a little bit more cash with which to live your best life! We’ve gone over some of the strategy involved with these settlements, and it’s most important to be responsible with them – particularly given that many of them come about because insurance policies get too expensive to maintain over time. But in the spirit of having a little bit of fun with things, we thought we’d point out five U.S. vacation ideas that can make for unforgettable, manageable experiences for seniors, and which are actually fairly cheap when you boil them down.

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1.) Ocracoke Island

According to Dr. Beach, Ocracoke Island on the North Carolina Outer Banks is the second best beach in America for 2018. In fact, he called it his favorite getaway beach, which really speaks to why it’s such a beloved destination. Most of the other “best beaches” in the U.S. are big, popular, and full of either tourist attractions or tourists themselves. Ocracoke is more remote and tends to remain very authentic and not too crowded (nor expensive) simply because it’s a little bit tricky to get to. But by flying into Raleigh/Durham in central North Carolina, or Norfolk in Southeast Virginia, you can be just four or five hours away from Ocracoke by car. Once there, you need only rent a small house to enjoy an incredibly tranquil, natural, and relaxing getaway.

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2.) Big Sur

Big Sur is probably the most affordable option on this list, though as you’re likely aware, it’s not so much a destination as a route. This incredible road on California’s Pacific coast is often mentioned as a bucket list for all Americans, senior or otherwise, but it’s the sort of place you want to make time for. The best way to do it is to rent a car, perhaps a little bit on the nice side just for the experience, and drive up the road with one or two stops. The road is actually only about 90 miles long, so you can do it in a matter of hours. But you can make more of a vacation out of it if you find a few charming spots along the way – and there are plenty – to break up the experience.

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3.) The Omni Homestead

The Omni Homestead in Virginia isn’t a cheap place to stay, but when you compare it to some similar quality resorts in what might be considered more exotic places, it’s actually something of a steal. This is a large but incredibly well-kept resort that’s known for its Southern hospitality. Somewhat like Ocracoke, it’s a terrific option if you’re just looking for a little bit of a getaway in a pretty place with comfortable accommodations. However, if you happen to golf also, the Omni Homestead offers even more. The place even got a write-up in Golf Digest for the quality of the courses on the grounds, which should tell you everything you need to know.

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4.) The U.S. Open

The U.S. Open is the only sporting event on this list, but it’s really almost more of a festival of sorts, in a sense. It takes place in August and September in Queens, NY each year, and marks the last major event on the tennis calendar. While it’s not as prestigious as Wimbledon, one article recently cited its incredible atmosphere as a reason it’s thought of by some as the most enjoyable of the tennis Grand Slams. And above all else, it’s shockingly affordable. A pass as cheap as $60 can get you a full day on the grounds, where you can move at your leisure from match to match, checking out the different courts. For seniors, there are plenty of shady places to sit, as well as excellent dining options outside of the stadiums if you need a break. Staying in New York for a few days can add up, but the event itself is a bargain.

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5.) Lake Tahoe

It’s difficult to call any destination in the United States more beautiful than Lake Tahoe. It’s commonly brought up as a ski destination in the winter, but if anything it’s actually more striking during the warmer months when nature can really showcase itself to the fullest. And whether you find a resort that appeals to you or your rent a private home or cabin, you might be surprised at how affordably you can stay in the area. While it is unrivaled as a natural getaway in the country, it’s somewhat remote, and there are enough accommodations that not all of them can be expensive. Once there you can simply relax in your natural surroundings, do a little bit of canoeing or kayaking, hike, or whatever else appeals. Frankly, one of the best ways to enjoy it is simply to find a pretty spot outside and do some reading!


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