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Time for Spring Cleaning

It’s a time-honored tradition, every Spring the closets get emptied, the trash bags and storage boxes come out; and the house gets turned upside down, Spring Cleaning. It’s a great way to welcome the warmer months with a fresh start and clean house. Officially put away your heavy winter jackets and sweaters and bring out your shorts.

Beyond the clear benefits involved with maintaining tradition and independence well into your golden years. Removing clutter and preventing your world from becoming overly crowded has an active impact on your mental health in several other ways as well. Few things feel better than a freshly cleaned house. It is an immediate boost to a person’s mental disposition, newly organized spaces and clean surfaces can completely change a person’s disposition. The positive mental effects of being in control of one’s surroundings should never be discounted.

There are also a number of more concrete health concerns that a thorough Spring Cleaning can help prevent.

Many seniors have spent their entire lives collecting various odds and ends, and they were taught growing up to never throw out anything that may be useful. It has resulted in homes completely stuffed to the brim with potential physical health hazards for seniors that may be movement impaired in some cases. A stray lamp wire or an extra lazy chair can easily cause a fall, which could potentially lead to a whole host of major issues. Any potential obstacles that aren’t easily navigated should be removed to make the home less dangerous to move around in.

Another important task is cleaning out medicine cabinets, organizational bags, and pillboxes. Anywhere that prescription medication may be kept really. Medication that is no longer prescribed or expired should be disposed of immediately. It is hard enough to sort through daily medication regiments without having to thumb through expiration dates.

Check on the refrigerator, throw out any expired foods or drinks to prevent potential issues with bacteria. Remove as much general clutter as possible, make sure that all of the smoke detectors have fresh batteries, and go about all of the other standard Spring cleaning activities like wiping down counters and storing winter decorations.

Unfortunately, Spring Cleaning, like most physical activities, only gets harder as we age. That’s where a licensed care provider comes in, however. Professional care providers can help with various light housekeeping tasks including laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and most other simple requests. Plus, who better to assist you with disposing of old medication than a licensed professional? Professional care providers also understand how to best organize homes for maximum safety.

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