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Discover a Strategy to Finance Your Alternative Care

Viatical Settlement: A Little Known Way to Finance Your Alternative Cancer Treatment

Each day over 1,600 Americans die from cancer.1 Sadly, many of these deaths are absolutely unnecessary. Conventional oncology holds tightly to a limited toolbox which includes deadly chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, unnecessary or invasive surgeries, and other such toxic treatments. Most of us have family members, friends, or acquaintances who have suffered and died from cancer while using conventional cancer treatments. Many of us privately know or at least suspect that the conventional or “orthodox” treatments actually hastened or caused these deaths.

Excellent natural treatments abound… and at a fraction of the cost of conventional cancer care. Thousands of people each year are being healed of cancer and other major diseases by natural means which have decades of success bringing vibrant health back to “terminally” diagnosed cancer patients. This is precisely what happened in my case.

I speak to you as a Stage IV (then terminal) cancer conqueror within this past year. What a story I have to tell for another article! After the failure of conventional therapies, I turned to naturopathic treatments and the disease was completely routed. Cancer is not a death sentence. The cures are here and I’m living proof.

“Cancer Is Not a Disease, It’s a Business”2

In 2012, the American Cancer Society stated the cancer industry was costing us $226 Billion annually.3 Unfortunately, Health Insurance companies have not kept pace with the science behind natural healing. In an effort to retain their portion of the massive profits of the conventional cancer industry, they have joined sides with the controlling forces of our day:

The American Medical Association with its monopoly of currently accepted treatments, the giant drug industry – deriving huge profits from symptom suppression not curing, the major media (which is dependent on the advertising dollars of the drug cartel), and our own Federal Government (including its public watchdog groups).

These forces deny American families critical information about treatment efficacies and funding to cover naturopathic costs. No major insurance carriers specializing in cancer/heart/stroke/critical illness policies are to be found that pay benefits for specific natural protocols.

However, both the cures for cancer as well as finances for natural treatments are within your reach.

Health Insurance companies have not kept pace with the science behind natural healing. Click to discover one option how you can finance your natural healing path.

Viatical Settlement: Your Hidden Financial Treasure?

Many Americans today hold life insurance policies. Through a powerful but little-known Supreme Court decision in 1911,4 it was ruled that a person’s life insurance policy could legally be sold – even while the holder is still living. This ruling – the majority opinion being voiced by the famous Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes – along with the more recently affirming HIPAA legislation in 1996 still stands, although few people even know of its existence.

Amazingly, over 90% of all American life insurance policies are unclaimed today,5 creating an immense windfall for the insurance companies. When disease strikes, many people merely let their policies lapse by non-payment, thinking they can no longer afford to continue them, which is not a well-advised strategy. In a direct application for terminal or chronically ill patients, legally licensed financial services brokers6 are helping them unlock financial assistance for their natural treatment protocols!

Did You Know You Could Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

Through their own network of separately licensed investors, some financial services brokers are providing funds called Viatical Settlements – which makes use of an obscure Latin term meaning “provisioning along the way.” Viatical settlements routinely provide up to 80% of the face value of a life insurance policy for the owner in cash.

For instance, on a policy with a face value of $500,000.00, an amount of $400,000 would be possible. (And if you qualify you might receive an advance of 25% of that settlement within days). This is another amazing revelation to most Americans. “I can actually sell my life insurance policy – now? And for what amount?”

Yes, you can sell it now! And yes, you can use these funds as you wish. It could be any kind of policy such as: term, universal, whole, group, FEGLI, and more. All kinds of policies are available. But of the 1,600 Americans who will die today of cancer, probably less than 50 will have ever heard about this option.

Is Viatical Settlement Right for You?

Since most everyone knows that all natural treatment costs are routinely denied by the insurance monoliths, most families’ knee-jerk reaction is to instantly disregard these options, too. Clearly the press coverage is unmercifully biased against them. But my advice to you today is to consider the following:

  • The Viatical Settlement industry is a mature, refined segment of the business community today, although largely unknown.
  • Thousands of people have been assisted through the process.
  • There are networks of outstanding naturopathic, metabolic or cellular terrain practitioners worldwide having amazing success, although many are being fiercely persecuted for their healing advances.

When locating a trustworthy viatical company you should expect the following:

  • Your broker will be an outstanding example of propriety, giving caring, detailed guidance along the path.
  • This work will be done at no charge to you, the policyholder.
  • All charges should be paid by the buyer of the policy.
  • Your privacy will be strictly maintained through the process.
  • The funds will be a federal non-taxable event when specifically handled through the broker’s licensed investors.
  • ALL types of life insurance policies may be sold, e.g., Term, Whole, Universal, employer group plans, FEGLI, etc.
  • No medical exams nor blood work will be required. Your current medical records will suffice and should be securely forwarded by your physician to the broker at the broker’s cost.
  • You and your family will have a right of rescission for 10 days following the completion of the transaction.
  • The buyers of the policy will continue to pay the policies they now own. You will have no further involvement with it.
  • No negative financial recriminations will return to you: as you successfully find healing, you will still owe nothing.
  • The funds to you are a federal tax-free event.
  • The funds from your life insurance policy can be used for anything you wish, including medical trips/vacations, paying off the mortgage, or simply providing dignity for the journey.

Financing your path to health is now available to you, no matter what forms of treatment you choose. Many people I talk with are rightfully shocked that the “hidden riches of secret places”7 have been successfully shrouded for almost 100 years… but they have been right there – in plain sight – all the time.

If you or your loved ones suffer from health challenges, it may be wise for you to consider this largely unknown financial assistance vehicle that can make all the difference in your life.

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