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3 Natural Therapies You Should Try for a Boost of Happiness

Now more than ever, the idea of using alternative medicine is gaining more attention and appeal from doctors and patients alike. Both innovative and ancient holistic healing methods are becoming more popular thanks to their ability to reduce discomfort and pain, boost the immune system, strengthen muscles, and promote well-being. Whether you are entering the golden years of life, battling a sickness, or just ready to explore new ways to heal and restore, these three therapies are great ways to help keep a healthy balance within your mind and body.

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#1 Yoga

Many may be aware that practicing yoga can decrease anxiety and depression, but how exactly? A recent study published by the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience has shown that yoga protects the brain from losing gray matter volume. This is important because gray matter volume is found mostly in the left side of the brain which is associated with feeding positive emotions and helping your body relax. MRI scans have shown that 50-year-olds who have practiced yoga and meditation were found to have the gray matter volume of 25-year-olds! What’s even more amazing, is that these changes in levels of gray matter volume within the brain can start to occur immediately after beginning. Remember, for those who feel that they are not flexible enough to do yoga, it is not about your ability to achieve the perfect pose. Yoga is your time to become more comfortable and accepting of who you are now.

#2 Acupuncture

It may be difficult to believe that placing hair-thin needles inside your body could be key to releasing hormones that relax your body immediately, but acupuncture has proven to do wonders for healing anxiety, nervousness, and even mood swings. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of healing that uses hair-thin needles to stimulate different chakra points in the body. Once activated, the benefits include a restored connection between the mind and body, releasing endorphins, and the ability to put your body at rest. If you are facing a more stressful time in life, acupuncture could be your ticket to finding relief and happiness.

#3 Laughter Therapy

Laughter has the ability to lift people’s spirits and make us feel alive. Laughter has the ability to increase oxygen intake, relax muscles, release endorphins, and improve mental functions. After laughing for just a few minutes, you may feel better for hours. It is a contagious emotion that brings happiness, so it is now being recognized as a natural therapy to promote well-being and positivity within people’s lives. Recent studies have evaluated people before and after a humorous event occurs, the result showed that after laughing for a prolonged period of time pain was reduced and the immune system was boosted. Doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America have begun to use laughter therapy as a physical exercise for groups who gather in a circle and make laughter sounds until they feel vibrations in their bodies. The result is contagious, so it makes it hard for people not to join in! Whenever you are feeling under the weather, you can always still laugh and feel better!


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