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    ALS Patients Share Personal Data to Promote Research and Find a Cure Answer ALS is building the most comprehensive collection of clinical, genetic, behavioral, molecular and biochemical data on people living with ALS ever created. With assistance from artificial intelligence and machine learning, researchers will utilize data from patients to develop new treatments in hopes of finding a cure. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease that slowly attacks nerve cells responsible for controlling muscles in
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    Indexed Universal Life and Life Settlements Indexed Universal Life insurance (IUL) is one of the most misunderstood products on the market today as well as the most widely distributed of all the permanent products. Because of its prolific distribution, we suspect that more and more of the future life settlement business will come from IUL. Our friend John “Hutch” Hutchinson has compiled the most thorough article ever written on how IUL works as well as
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    Divorce + Life Insurance | What Are Your Options? Working through finances in the midst of the divorce can be troublesome and confusing for many. Separation is normally a muddled procedure. The guardianship of kids and the division of benefits might be challenged in court for quite a long time before an agreement is come to. At that point, there is the question of taking care of children and proceeding with a divorce settlement. The
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    What’s in your retirement account? “The likely answer is “not enough” Retiring is a major goal of most Americans and as the retirement age rises to 66 and older, seniors are looking for more ways to reach their retirement dreams. In case you’re one of the great many Baby Boomers wanting to retire in the next few years, it’s important to step back and examine the funds you have allocated for your retirement. Recently, The
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    Village For The Elderly It’s a warm and bright harvest time evening in Chicago. Music is playing, food is being grilled and served to dozens of seniors as they relax and talk.  Despite the relaxed feel of this evening’s gathering, it isn’t without purpose. Thompson is the volunteer director of Age-Friendly Englewood village, an association that provides low-salary adults on the city’s South Side with jobs and volunteer work and she’s looking to expand her
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    How Stress Ties into Your Mental Well-Being New research finds that our reaction to even minor everyday stressors, for example, lining up for a really long time at the market, can influence how solid our mind is, especially into seniority. Our passionate reaction to an every day distressing circumstance, for example, being stuck in rush hour gridlock, may influence our cerebrum’s wellbeing, especially in seniority. Drawn out endless pressure can prompt a wide scope of
  • When to Take Over Finances for an Aging Loved One At the point when friends and family reach their golden years, their physical wellbeing isn’t the main thing in danger of breaking down. If their psychological well-being diminishes, they may experience difficulty dealing with their cash on an everyday basis, and could even wind up helpless against fraudulent activity. Here are five steps for overseeing your loved one’s financial health. Begin a discussion It can
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    The Current Outlook for Senior Care in 2019 2018 was another great year for seniors. With advances in the long term care industry ranging from new wound care protocols to breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and dementia research. Quality of life continued a steady upward climb and 2019 promises to be even better. A substantial shift towards younger seniors in care communities and a major migration towards at-home care could spell huge changes this year. Additions to